Altair is primarily a leisure quarter and, as such, will offer a vibrant range of restaurants and café bars all set around a stunning new public realm.

By combining both local and national occupiers, Altair will provide a platform for both local residents and visitors from further afar to enjoy the town.

Altair will offer modern and contemporary space and expand on the existing evening economy.

Altair will provide up to 150 high quality apartments and townhouses.

Whether a first time buyer, an experienced buyer, a downsizer or someone looking for a lifestyle change, Altair will provide aspirational living.

With impressive entry points and stunning views, Altair’s 1, 2 and 3 bed homes will provide inspiring living spaces that are currently difficult to find within the town.

Altair will provide 35,000 square feet of modern office space.

A provision of new contemporary space that will be of city centre quality, drawing in growing businesses both nationally and locally.

The building will provide top grade office space from sizes of 500 sq ft upwards.

Silver Blades Ice Rink will remain a permanent facility within Altair, remaining in its present position.

Altair is currently working with Trafford BC and Trafford Community Leisure Trust and is hoping to provide a new community leisure centre replacing the old facility next door.

We will also be extending the Ice Rink to provide a new tenpin bowling alley.


“It is no coincidence that Altair is a bright star in the northern constellation of Aquila and for this reason we chose this name as it symbolised Altrincham, and how we see it in the context of the UK.  We, the people of Altrincham, have been given a challenge over recent years as competition from neighbouring districts has taken away some of our shine.  Altrincham has always been a symbol of prosperity, endurance and creativity and we are now rising to the challenge of reestablishing ourselves at the top of the pack.

“Altair is only part of our future success. With over £100m of development happening in the town over the next few years we will see some huge changes and advances.

“Altair's focus in the overall town strategy is quite simple. We will build new roads, new linkages and new buildings, in all £70m worth of development, and with the approach that ‘we shall build and they shall come’. We already have over 15 million people a year visiting the neighbourhood of Altair, including Tesco and the Interchange, and Altair will encourage that number to grow but more importantly to stay, linger and spend money.

“This is why our focus is to create a leisure quarter anchored by a leisure centre and ice rink, that offers a great range of restaurants, cafes and entertainment. A scheme of this size would not work of course without it integrating fully with the town. This is why the development will include a great range of housing, parking and office space so that Altair is truly a mixed use environment, embedded in the town and not a retail alternative to the high street.”


“Altair was conceived with the aspiration of rejuvenating Altrincham. It was not created by reference to its site boundaries, but by looking at what was missing from the town. By going back to roots, we are able to create a piece of architecture, and a collection of buildings, that flattered and complimented the beauty of the original town. In affect Altair was conceived as the missing piece of a regeneration jigsaw.

“Whilst clearly we had to work within the site boundaries, our vision was that Altair would pull together the surrounding uses. Altair will create improved linkages to the town, particularly over the railway line that has for years been a boundary or obstacle, and connect the leisure centre, ice rink, cinema and town centre retail, to give residents and the visitor a seamless town centre experience and a great sense of arrival.

“Whilst the backbone of our vision for Altair is that of a new leisure quarter, we wanted to create beautiful public spaces. Street scapes and a public square that are inviting, where people can dwell, mix and converse. Life rushes by at such a pace, we wanted to offer open spaces that are full of live but at the same time offer a calming, safe and happy family environment.”

Nick Payne
Managing Director, Nikal.

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